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Welcome to the best. your future. EpiX.

EpiX is a seasoned but active multiplatform gaming community, here to provide the most fun and exhilarating experience for all players.

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Our Story

EpiX Gaming Community started as a small Garry's Mod server in early 2013 - beginning only with the passion of an ambitious man determined to make a fun, fair, and equal community. As time went on, the community expanded under the leadership of Anonymous KeV to adapt many other gaming platforms. Through many struggles, EpiX exists today as an active community.

What to do?

Many people join our community, either from another or as their first community. Either way, people often ask what they should do, how to get involved, and what exactly we offer over other communities. EpiX is dedicated to making an enjoyable experience for all players, and offers multiple gaming platforms as well as hosts events, parties, and general casual gaming for pretty much and game out there.

EpiX is always looking to expand its network, but needs the community's input on what they want. If you're interested in a new server for us to add to our network, simply make a post on our forums!
EpiX is always looking for the best and brightest to join its staff team. Thanks to our hard-working and fair staff team, we are able to host some of the best servers out there.
EpiX is always hosting events, parties, and giveaways. Make sure to sign up on our forums so you don't miss out on a big event!
EpiX has a wide variety of donations that will give you great perks, but also help keep our network online. Donations are an important part of our community.

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Donations keep the community alive, and the only way we can get them is through your support.

Amazing multiplatform Gaming Community

  • Support for multiple platforms - always expanding out.
  • Dedicated, active, and ever expanding staff team.
  • High quality hardware, running our network 24/7.
  • Active and fun community of members - here to have fun.
  • Active forum for discussion of anything you can imagine.
  • Lively Teamspeak server with parties, giveaways, and more.

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we are always looking to expand out to new platforms. if you have a suggestion post it on our forums!

EpiX - finally what you've always been looking for.

EpiX is a community designed by gamers, for gamers. No matter what kind of gaming you're into, you can find a home at EpiX Gaming Community. We're always expanding out to more supported game platforms, as well as playing basically any game outside of our supported platforms.

Coming soon.

Anonymous KeV, EGC Owner

Coming soon.

Curve, EGC Head Admin